Enhancing Shelf Life and Improved Machine Speeds

High-speed bagging of small salad topping packages for a major fast-food chain

A DazPak client needed to enhance the shelf-life of crispy salad toppings with laminated rollstock packaging. The toppings were especially challenging because of high oil content and moisture sensitivity. Rancidity was a big concern. Additionally, packages distributed in the humid Southeast summer were especially prone to moisture gain. They were reporting unappealing, un-crispy salad toppings with their existing solution.

The packaging film needed to: 

  1. Hold a nitrogen gas flush 
  2. Be clear 
  3. Be cost effective

Solution Step 1: Developing the film lamination to keep the product fresh

DazPak successfully developed and commercialized a film lamination with a proprietary barrier OPP/polyethylene that achieved both improved oxygen barrier and enhanced moisture barrier. This film also met the criteria for clarity and gas-flushability.

Solution Step 2: Developing a film structure to withstand higher seal temperatures and rapid bagging

The customer made a multi-million-dollar investment in high-speed baggers, necessitating a packaging film capable of running at maximum efficiencies. DazPak delivered a film structure consisting of clear aluminum-coated polyester/metallocene polyethylene. This package withstood the higher machine package seal temperatures needed for rapid bagging. Additionally, the metallocene polyethylene sealant allowed for rapid seal initiation necessary in a high-speed bagging application.

A bonus benefit was the removal of PVDC from the barrier layer for a more sustainable solution.

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