Red Vines® keeps sweet treats fresh and secure with DazPak’s PrimePeel® peel/reseal labeling.

The Challenge

Red Vines® are iconic artisan candy twists manufactured by American Licorice. Their package wrap used the conventional Inno-Lock zipper for their larger packages, but American Licorice desired improved and enhanced reseal options for their flagship 14 oz. packages. They tasked DazPak with providing a user-friendly, peel-reseal solution that maintained product freshness and was tamper-evident. The resealable pack also needed to run on the American Licorice’s packaging equipment without compromise to speeds, efficiencies, or package performance.

Our Solution

DazPak worked with our partner MCC Label to provide mock-ups using their new ReseaLabel™ technology. The MCC Label solution was developed specifically for Red Vines. In 2019, our teams took an innovative approach to redesigning the label by moving from the secondary, paper-based, tamper-evident label to a saw-tooth tear-away feature incorporated within the reseal label itself. This development helped to refresh the look of the pack and improve roll profile while maintaining functionality and performance.

Since the initial introduction of DazPak’s PrimePeel® peel/reseal labeling in late 2017, American Licorice has adopted peel/reseal labeling across the majority of their retail line.

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