Peel and Reseal

Easy Open Solutions with Peel and Reseal

Consumers prefer the convenience of peelable and resealable labeled packaging in applications including cookies, snacks, lunch meats, wipes, dry goods, and more.

We print and convert our Prime-Peel Labeled Rollstock with vibrant graphics, custom die cuts, and reliable pressure-sensitive performance. They are airtight with high barrier options.

  • Easy to package and maintain fill speeds
  • Consumer-friendly and brand-enhancing
  • Preserves freshness and product quality
  • Easy to open and close with consistent quality
  • Built-in tamper evidence
  • Great recloseable alternative to zippers and sliders
  • Eliminates the need for overwrap and a secondary package


Red Vines keeps sweet treats fresh and secure with DazPak’s PrimePeel® peel/reseal labeling.

The customer made a multi-million-dollar investment in high-speed baggers, necessitating a packaging film capable of running at maximum efficiencies.

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