• Fresh Produce
  • Frozen Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Snacks
Lawn and Garden
  • Soil and Fertilizer
And More!


Features and Properties
  • Zipper is transversely applied to film to prepare for form, fill, and seal (FFS) applications
  • Allows for different levels of customization for zipper lengths and thumb tab closure types
  • Zipper options include:
    • Hermetic: resealable front panel zipper that protects against moisture, air, and other contaminants
    • Non-Hermetic: resealable front panel zipper that does not create a hermetic seal; used for frozen fruit or non-perishables
    • Bag Top: non-front panel option that resembles a stand-up pouch
  • Increases shelf life
  • Simplifies and optimizes the FFS process–no extra equipment required!
  • Easy to customize zipper size to suit your product
  • Quick changeover time
End User Benefits
  • Efficient recloseable packaging
  • Keeps fresh food just that—fresh!
  • PET
    • Clear
    • Metalized
    • Coated – Barrier
    • AlOX – High Barrier
  • PE
  • PP
    • Clear BOPP
    • Metalized BOPP
    • Coated BOPP
    • CPP
  • Sustainable Options

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